EPIC Polyester Georgette Banner
Size (US) Sq. Feet Size (Metric) Sq. Meters
36" x 50' 150 91.44cm x 15.24m 13.94
50" x 50' 208 127.0cm x 15.24m 19.33
Description: 100% polyester fiber with a Georgette weave and pre-treated with a unique inkjet receptive coating and a removable paper backing.
Benefits: Excellent image quality. Its sheer weight adds a luxurious translucent quality that is perfect for high fashion applications.
Uses: Indoor or outdoor banners, flags and signs
Caliper: 16 mil total with liner
Weight: 71 g/m2 total with liner
Lamination Options: Not recommended
Grommets/Stitching: No/Yes
Removable Backing: Yes
Ink Compatibility: EnduraChrome Dye (indoor) PermaChrome Pigment (outdoor)
Notes: Edges can be hemmed or seared with a heat knife. Can sew in rod or rope pockets for display.
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