WaterFast Banner Vinyl
Size (US) Sq. Feet Size (Metric) Sq. Meters
36" x 50' 150 91.44cm x 15.24m 13.94
50" x 50' 208 127.0cm x 15.24m 19.33
60" x 50' 250 152.4cm x 15.24m 23.23
Description: CaleHigh-strength, water-resistant scrim vinyl. Can be stitched and grommeted.
Benefits: Ink absorbs into the top coat and seals itself making it waterfast. Lamination not necessary for short-term outdoor use. Can be sewn and grommeted for banner use.
Uses: Outdoor banners and signs
Caliper: 15.5 mil
Weight: 324 g/m2
Lamination Options: Not recommended
Grommets/Stitching: Yes
Adhesive Backing: No
Ink Compatibility: PermaChrome LightFast Pigment
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